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The modern world is constantly changing, and with it, so too are the needs of digital communities. With this in mind, we’ll briefly explore a relatively new organizational model with regards to NFT communities that distributes governance with voting power given to the NFT holders and streamlines funding for community projects which considers both the interests of the founders, devs, and staff leading the community as well as the holders and collectors themselves, called a DAO.

DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations with their own set of rules enforced by algorithms and code. They can be 100% autonomous, without hierarchy, and decentralized from day one if necessary but still rely on members to vote to make any changes that may need to take place as time goes on. DAOs provide an incentive for their members to create open and shareable resources and can scale while maintaining their agility and coherence. We believe DAO-powered projects will vastly supersede traditional organizational structure in the years to come — both literally and figuratively. It’s simple, DAOs allow for a decentralized and fair system of decision-making without any hierarchy or centralized point of failure. Who wouldn’t want to partake in a governance system like that?

Input, Gutter Cat Gang DAO.

DAOs take Non-fungible Technology to the next level, allowing them to engage in a variety of non-NFT activities that provide essential value to the vast community that may never have been found elsewhere. As such, we believe that a DAO is not only the most logical and inevitable transition for NFT-backed communities but is also the most natural and progressive step for the Gutter Cat Gang in our evolution as pioneers of the NFT-avatar market and the Non-fungible Technology industry as a whole.

We’ll be developing an automated, fair, and effective governance system for all our Gutter Cat holders by implementing a proposal and voting mechanism within our DAOs smart contract itself. One of the most exciting aspects of DAO governance is its dynamic nature, the rules, perimeters, and boundaries are constantly in flux as they adapt to new technologies or changes in circumstances that help avoid otherwise inevitable corruptive influences. With this in mind, our DAO leadership team has made it their #1 priority to hunt down some of the most knowledgeable and experienced DAO enthusiasts, along with an entirely new team of Devs specifically for our DAO.

We’re not guaranteeing we won’t have hiccups, but we can guarantee we are looking for the best fit for our leadership team and will have 100% dedication, passion, and drive to the Gang and all our members. We understand that everyone is excited, we’re just as excited as you guys, but we also know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that anything worth holding onto takes a little time and energy to build.

With every member of the community able to submit proposals and every member able to vote on these proposals, the DAO enables our community to collaboratively come to decisions while collectively guiding the gang in the best direction we all see fit. By using a DAO structure instead of a traditional hierarchy, the Gutter Cat Gang can self-organize and scale regardless of extrinsic growth while maintaining accountability, agility, and transparency in the decision-making process. The true power of a DAO is found when the value-to-effort emphasis is finally placed where it should be; on how task workflows are structured for each contributing DAO member, optimizing the collective intelligence of the community based on their skill sets, expertise, and backgrounds.

Giving the community control and decisions rather than centralized demands and top-down orders is a big part of achieving true decentralization and ultimately succeeding in this new era. The perfect environment for any group project or community to thrive, rise to power, create value, and decide their faith together is distributing the voting-power and governance rights amongst the NFT holders themselves. Let’s be honest the true revolutions come when we push the boundaries, think outside the box, and use the right tools, design thinking, and innovative products to turn chaos into order.

The future of decentralized systems is in the hands of a system that its members can define and have a valid voice in. Our DAO for will help distribute power and decision-making amongst all those who have helped to build it. We saw how this kind of decentralization led to revolutionary changes with Bitcoin and in DeFi; now, let’s pioneer the next revolution within NFTs from the gutters up!




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Gutter Cat Gang DAO

Gutter Cat Gang DAO

We survived an apocalypse and have grown strong from the ashes of what once was. Now we’re pioneering the metaverse from the gutters up as it should be.