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5 min readJul 24, 2021


For those wondering, the primary function of the DAO will be to pursue community-decided projects and initiatives. While the DAO is currently under construction, we wanted to update everyone on our release plans and other details. The DAO will be seeded with assets purchased by the dev team. These can include, BUT are not limited to, CryptoPunks, Bored Apes and Bored Ape Kennel Club, Gutter Cats and Gutter Rats, Meebits, Autoglyphs, Curated Art Blocks, and more. The benefit of the DAO is that proposals can always be made to allocate DAO funds to acquire different/or more assets or even pursue community-driven initiatives or projects. The DAO will be funded in perpetuity initially by grants issued by the devs as well as partnership-driven revenue streams and in the future, a certain percentage of Gutter Cat Gang sales revenues.

Our current plan is to roll out in 2 incremental phases:

Phase 1 (the test-net): The DAO contract and frontend will be deployed. The chosen “community leaders” who applied through the form, as well as members of the muscle and all “Kingpins” (those who hold at least 5 cats), will be able to submit proposals that are then vetted and voted on by the entire community. If approved, these proposals will be funded by grants from the dev team. The DAO vault (assets/funds used to seed the treasury) will remain locked to all during this period. This will serve as a time to assess voting/token mechanics and the contract/frontend itself and ensure that there are no hiccups when Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2: After sufficient testing has been done, the team will create a proposal to move the DAO into Phase 2. Once approved, the vault assets will be unlocked, and in this phase, revenue sharing may begin and any cat owner can submit a proposal at any time that will be voted on by the community, and if approved, put into action.

Furthermore, we are developing a method to significantly incentivize long-term holding and have plans to reward those who do by being able to stake your Gutter Cats. We would like to underscore the fact that the DAO launch will be an incremental and thorough process because we want to ensure that this is done correctly. We do not believe this is something to be rushed, and we are carefully considering the implications of our decisions. We welcome any and all feedback/criticism on our current plan and look forward to growing the Gutter Cat Gang alongside the community.

Comic / Story Core

Our very talented and creative writers have been working around the clock crafting some amazing stories for the Gutter. Some of these writers have super impressive resumes, from working with Comedy Central to super legitimate IMDB profiles. The story core writers’ room sessions (10+ hours of a creative, collaborative effort by eight amazing individuals) are now complete, and the finalists are currently revising their stories for submission. Community voting to determine the final story for the first issue of the comic begins July 24th and closes on July 26th — exact voting times and details are TBA. Once the community chooses a story, we will partner with a top comic writer and illustrator to bring the first issue Gutter Cat Gang comic to life! The comic teams we have proposals from have proven track records of success, getting multiple comics picked up by Marvel and DC and several turned into animated series.

Once the design of our first comic issue is complete, we will begin production of physical and NFT versions. Each Gutter Cat owner will be entitled to mint a tokenized comic for free and we’ll give away a limited supply of physical copies to our community as well. This comic is just the first step in bringing the Gutter Cat Gang IP to life in new and exciting media forms! We’re already discussing future issues, an anthology, a graphic novel, and one day pitching these stories as an animated series.

The Gutter brand resonates with a lot of people, and we’re just getting started revealing ourselves to the rest of the world. We’ll leave you with this quote from an accomplished writer, director, and producer who is part of the story core:

I was trying to capture the fun aspects of the gutter. Like, what brings me back here day after day. And it’s the homie vibe. The shit-talking. The hustle. The hip hop. And the inclusiveness. We’re the underdogs (cats?) and that pulls us all together. That’s the gutter to me. That is why I think GCG has a huge future in media. If we can capture that vibe in the comic, we can show proof of concept and demand for a comic series. Which will create more content and build out the IP to show Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Apple, or Adult Swim that this is amazing and they need to make it an animated series.”

Gutter Jams

This is the last week of submissions! After, the top 30 winners from the past five weeks will battle it out for the 12 featured spots on our GCG mixtape. Thanks to everyone who has participated thus far — especially our resident Gang DJ, @DownBadTwix.

Gutter DFS Fantasy Football is coming

We started a private Gutter Cat Gang DraftKings league for gang members only. Each week, participants will build their teams from the player pool like they would for a standard weekly DraftKings NFL contest and compete to win prizes. We’re thinking of giving away a Gutter Rat to each week’s winner, and a Gutter Cat to the league champion at the end of the season — nothing is set in stone yet, but if there are enough signups, that’s the direction we’re headed. We’re also considering some non-fungible prizes as well.

Join the Gutter Cat Gang league at:https://dkn.gs/r/7IFkb0hKhU6VA4ItP3bZdA


Our Merch capsule is coming along beautifully and we’re honestly chomping at the bit to share it with you guys and know we’re going to crush this genesis drop! The logo change and the fact that we’re now tokenizing the genesis capsule has caused a few delays, but nothing to fret and we promise it’s all for good reason. We don’t want to share something with you guys that we aren’t bringing to market.

NiftySlabs reminder

Reminder — all Gutter Cat Gang members have the option to purchase a Dev Signature Edition NiftySlab of their Gutter Cat for .032ETH (20% discount). The Dev Signature Edition Slab will only run for the month of July.

Make sure you place your order at https://niftyslabs.com/pages/gcg-signature before the end of the month.



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