GUTTERCON: The rise of NFT-exclusive events

WARNING: The word “community” is used redundantly in this article.

Some of our most influential ancestral communities have held events or festivals during times of celebration and tradition for thousands of years. For the individual, these events play a significant role in defining a sense of community and place as a person’s sense of belonging to a particular community is almost invisible to the naked eye, yet is one of the most important aspects contributing to a healthy community. Though difficult to describe, a sense of belonging encompasses a community’s social reputation, brand, spirit, relationships, and networking when viewed collectively.

NFT communities are no different; their values are expressed as the resources, rewards, and benefits that become available due to the networks, bonds, social ties, and trust that exists from the collectors themselves. As the Gutter Cat Gang DAO, we know that developing a true sense of community isn’t always as simple as it seems; it’s challenging, takes long-term commitment/drive/passion, demands levels of interconnectedness, belonging, and support. But we also know that a shared vision helps foster this sense of community, where individuals’ thoughts and contributions are genuinely valued, and collaboration on initiatives, projects, and problem-resolution is encouraged. Organizations like ourselves that manage these NFT-specific events like GUTTERCON will also offer a spatial boundary that harnesses the community’s vision while providing participative opportunities to nurture and sustain what is important to their constituency. This is the true magic of a decentralized yet cohesively progressive structure.

GUTTERCON embodies what we believe in. It reflects our Gutter Cat owners *gutter rat & future 3rd species owners included* being united by the same project, collective memory, beliefs, values, and digital experiences. Bringing the individuals within our community together to openly share their unique life experiences with other members assists in healing and awareness-raising around specific topics and provides an entirely new medium of expression that will most likely be a first for most. Coincidentally, it’s the positive values and beliefs that we hold as a collective that are inextricably linked together and inevitably shape attitudes, perceptions, and the way we all behave in certain situations.

Ultimately, NFT-exclusive festivals will be the gatekeepers of community values, encouraging those with the same vision and morals to become a member, while keeping others out. GUTTERCON aims to provide the exhilarating “now” that NFT-euphoria consistently perpetuates while offering a first-of-its-kind experiential opportunity to speculate on a cohesive, fun, and prosperous future for the Gutter Cat Gang as a whole.



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Gutter Cat Gang DAO

Gutter Cat Gang DAO

We survived an apocalypse and have grown strong from the ashes of what once was. Now we’re pioneering the metaverse from the gutters up as it should be.