We’re all born in the gutter

A story on how an NFT project evolved to become one of the world’s most cohesive & successful digital communities.

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Today, we see interviews utilized repeatedly in documentary films to relay vital information about an experience or story that would otherwise go unseen. In fact, within a community, these exact moments tend to go unnoticed by the public. Still, they are highly transformative experiences at the individual level that go on to shape the sentiment and strength of that specific community as a whole. At this point in history, the world is crying out for honest, compassionate, and regular individuals capable of being vulnerable and expressing their human experiences digitally and through media.

We asked ourselves how it would be possible for us to connect this desire of the world for authentic human connection and new experiences to our overall mission of empowering and providing opportunities for all Gutter Cat Gang members. Additionally, we knew that many of our international members were not able to make this year’s #GUTTERCON. We wanted to do something that went far beyond what NFTs have seen thus far while creating something that embraces the personal journeys of members, their experiences from day one, and the relationships that have been made within and throughout the Gutter Cat Gang.

“I think it’s inevitable that people will come to find the documentary a more compelling and more important kind of film than fiction. Just as in literature, as the taste has moved from fiction to nonfiction, I think it’s going to happen in film as well. In a way you’re on a serendipitous journey, a journey which is much more akin to the life experience. When you see somebody on the screen in a documentary, you’re really engaged with a person going through real life experiences. So for that period of time, as you watch the film, you are, in effect, in the shoes of another individual. What a privilege to have that experience.”
— Albert Maysles, US documentary filmmaker (Grey Gardens, Met the Beetles, Salesman)

We couldn’t think of a better way that connects the members of GCG, humanity’s desire for real stories, and a visually enhanced experience through film and story-telling than a documentary film that touches explicitly on members and their personal journeys leading up to and long into the future of GUTTERCON.

In providing a visual medium to describe the NFT-specific stories and journeys through members’ experiences, people from around the world are better able to put themselves in the shoes of others and begin building bridges of empathy in a world that desires authenticity and compassion today more than ever. For us, these bridges are the glue of the gutter and precisely what holds our community together. It’s only when networks of empathy are created amongst humans that interconnect the community, the members, and their personal story’s together that we can see true success within a collective of individuals.

In saying this, the form at the bottom of this article allows for any and all members to fill out and answer various questions that ask about the individual journey, your time with GCG, and the experiences that came with everything. From the questions, the founding team and directors will choose several members with stories that either spark curiosity, motivate/inspire the viewer, or resonate with the GCG identity. Once selected, members will be interviewed on camera to film their documentary segments. Each interview will allow the elected GCG members to voice their own experiences and stories while illustrating a mental landscape and creating an experience for the viewers at home and the world as a whole.

We’re beyond excited to reveal more details within the coming days about the official film crew, short-term goals, and long-term goals behind this film, and more. We’re focused on our game plan for filming, interviews, and pre-production, but in the meantime, we ask all GCG members who wish to participate to fill out the form below:

#GCGDAO #GutterCatGang



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We survived an apocalypse and have grown strong from the ashes of what once was. Now we’re pioneering the metaverse from the gutters up as it should be.